"Nothing is worth dimming your soul for." - Laila Re

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Laila Re (b. Kabul, Afghanistan) is a poet based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She's the self-published author of three collections of poetry: Pieces to Peace, Soul Led and Beauty and Love. Her personal essay "Kabul Dreams" was published in an anthology entitled "The Muslimah Who Fell To Earth" (Mawenzi, 2016).


" . . . It's refreshing to know that we are all connected and share similar feelings and emotions. Laila Re has a way of reaching you in your small corner of the world and speaking the words of your heart, putting them right in front of you and then letting you know it'll be ok like only a true poet can. . . " - BP (Amazon Review - Pieces to Peace - CLICK HERE)

 ". . . Laila Re never seems to disappoint. She just has a way with words that really speak to the heart. Her book "Soul Led" was really great. Especially following her first one ("Pieces to Peace"). I go back to both books and read the poems at night. It's so relaxing. I love them both!!! I hope there are more to come. . . " - KingyXO  (Amazon Review - Soul Led - CLICK HERE)

 ". . . It is a really great poetry book. It is very intense, almost like reading into someone's deepest part of their mind and heart. It's very interesting to see how writing can help heal and grow at the same time. A very inspiring read. . ."  - ZH (Amazon Review - Beauty and Love - CLICK HERE)

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