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Laila Re (b. June 4, 1987, Kabul, Afghanistan) is a poet based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

She's the self-published author of three collections of poetry: Pieces to Peace, Soul Led and Beauty and Love. Her poetry books were published through CreateSpace and are available for purchase on Amazon bookstore. Her personal essay "Kabul Dreams" was published in an anthology entitled "The Muslimah Who Fell To Earth" (Mawenzi, 2016).

She escaped Kabul as a toddler with her family to Islamabad, Pakistan due to the Afghan Civil War. She spent two years in Islamabad before immigrating to Canada in 1992 when she was five years old. She has been raised in Toronto ever since. 

Laila was educated at York University where she holds a B.A. in Psychology, B.Ed in Primary-Junior Education as well as a M.Ed in Language, Culture and Teaching. Her Masters Paper was entitled "Creative Action: Re-claiming Education and Freedom.

 She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario and teaches for the public district school board. 

Photo: Purple Tree Photography

Photo: Purple Tree Photography