Book 1: Pieces to Peace

Where did you cry?


where did you cry mommy,

when your home was no longer a home?

did you cry on the train?

or when you stepped right out of the door?

or did you hold it in?

waiting to find a sanctuary you can call yours?

did you want to come back,

back to your family?

or did you dread it?

and just did what had to be done,

playing the maternal role,

to be the rock of the family

but where did you cry

when it couldn’t be held in anymore?

i want to know...

with all the pain

you bore

all the loss

you faced

where did you cry?

i really want to know...

i want to cry with you

when you sat alone to travel here and there all day away from us

i want to cry with you

when you waited to receive little pay for all your dignity sacrificed

i want to cry with you

when you sat silently at home

while your body was there but your mind unaware

i want to cry with you

when you felt stuck

in your past

in your circumstance

i wish i was there to cry with you

in those moments that you wished you could leave

and walk away...

who did you confide in,

who knew your suffering?

i know you cried

daily on the inside

but where did you cry,

when the tears could no longer hide?

i wish i was there,

to cry with you...

because i cried on the inside too,

a daughter, at home, just missing you

wondering why i never saw my mothers face

all day, all night long...

Book 2 : Soul Led

Short story: "Dark Summer"

She hid away in the darkness of the alley. How could she let him know that still after all of these years nothing changed how she felt about him. “Summer, where are you?” he shouted. With her head bent down, sitting on the floor, her tears fell. She knew he would never feel the same. And she didn’t want him to ever make her feel like that again. “Summer! Summer!” he shouted as he went the wrong way. His voice became more faint and faint. “It will be okay” she said to herself, “Let him go. Just stay, accept this fate. He will never love you the same.” After a few minutes, she picked herself up… and walked the opposite way. “Ill never look back again”, and she left her heart in that alley way.

Poem:  "Rooted Love"

She wanted a rooted love,

one that could always bring her back and closer 

to her true self…

she wanted a love that would help to grow 

and blossom her,

to discover the lost routes and treasures within…

she lived a life that was so long in denial and repression,

she needed a love that could

ground her,

to guide her into living without being so fearful…

so she took life night by night 

and reassured herself 

that it was like a cocoon 

and only after are we all free like butterflies.

So just live,

just live!

And in the consciousness of life:


Now & here.

Book 3 : Beauty and Love

"Whole again."

She is busy

working on her self.

At one point in time,

she lost her way,

and lost what made her her.

So everyday now

she is growing back

into herself,

and she is blooming

with many new wings

of joy, peace, health

and beauty…

Watch her grow

and pray

for her to be

whole again.